[Snort-users] Timestamps

Tom Whipp twhipp at ...63...
Wed Jul 19 05:02:48 EDT 2000

Hi all,

	I'm currently using the Win32 1.6.2 release of snort from my Win98 desktop
machine - which incidentally is great to have as a quick way to trial the
system.  I will be migrating it to a Linux box when I have time, found a
spare box and tweaked the ruleset.  However right now all log messages are
being timestamped with GMT time rather than summertime (GMT-1) in contrast
to our syslog which uses the summertime string - is this normal behaviour
for snort?, is this a product of the Win32 release? or is there a
configuration switch I've missed?

Right now its not a problem as I know what I'm looking at, and if as I
suspect this is something to do with the Win32 version then it will shortly
be irrelevant - but I do like to have all of my log timestamps in sync for
obvious reasons and at the moment its just a tiny bit awkward to tie all of
the entries together.

any ideas?



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