[Snort-users] SYNFIN Scan?

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SYN+FIN scan mean you receive a TCP packet with both SYN and FIN flags set.
This is an illegal packet (Both initiating and closing, if you wish to put
it like that...).

The result back from a probed machine can vary between one operating system
to another.

For example: SYN + FIN sent to an open or closed LINUX (Kernel 2.2.x) would
elicit a RESET+ACK back.
                    SYN + FIN sent to an open or closed Windows NT
Workstation 4 SP 6a would elicit SYN+ACK back.

Those replies would reveal the existence of those machines allowing a
malicious computer attacker to map your network.

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What the heck is a SYNFIN scan? I am familiar with SYN scans, FIN scans,
NULL, Xmas .... but SYNFIN? Is there any particular purpose to this type
of scan? Is it just single packets with both SYN  & FIN flag set or is
it sending aSYN packet followed by a FIN? I recently had someone using
SYNFIN's against my net (or at least snort reported SYNFIN's) while
looking for vulnerable wuftpd's.

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