[Snort-users] Hmmm.. Not setting promiscuous mode

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Tue Jul 18 12:23:38 EDT 2000

What is your version ?
What is your os ?
I'm using linux (Mandrake 7.1) i've got no problems with that.

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> Ok... I'm not new to snort or network sniffing by any means..  I haven't
used Snort since version 1.3 or so, so I
> thought it was time to try out what's new.  The trouble is that it doesn't
set the interface into promiscuous mode for
> some weird reason.  Yes, I'm running it as root, yes the adapter supports
Promisc mode (tcpdump works just fine).  What
> the heck am I missing?
> sample command line:
> snort -i eth1 -v
> The only packets that are captured are broadcasts and stuff directly
to/from the machine.
> (Before you ask, let me settle a few more questions that I know I will
see.  Yes, I'm sure there's traffic, No, it's not
> plugged into a switch (note above, tcpdump works fine))
> Thanks!
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