[Snort-users] [anno] snort stat php3 script

Yen-Ming Chen yenming at ...11...
Mon Jul 17 23:48:14 EDT 2000

	This is a new release for the php3 scripts to analyze snort logs
in Postgresql or MySQL database. Contributions from:

Pinaud Bruno <bpinaud at ...12...>
Paul Harrington <paul at ...13...>
Patrick Audley <paudley at ...14...>

Changes are:

* Bug fixes in postgresql php script
* IDS/CVE links added (using php rather than JavaScript)
* Destination IP input

Please download from http://xanadu.rem.cmu.edu/snort/

Note: Because I'm leaving CMU soon (before August), so my machine will be
changed to another location with different IP etc. Will announce when
details are available.

Best Regards,

Yen-Ming Chen

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