[Snort-users] Hi everyone...

Martin Roesch roesch at ...1...
Sun Jul 16 02:24:44 EDT 2000

So, in the last two months we've lost and resurrected the Snort web site, done
a series of botched releases (1.6.1-, and now the listserver goes bye
bye.  Damn, it's almost like someone out there doesn't like us... :)

The reason you're receiving this e-mail is because either:

a) You've posted to the Snort mailing list in the last month or so.

b) I know you and know you want to be on this (new) list.

The bofh.kyrnet.kg machine is experiencing some technical difficulties (like
the power is apparently out for a few days) and I've decided to sieze the
initiative and stand up a new one at a (ostensibly) better site, SourceForge. 
In case you're wondering, SourceForge is a site run by the VA Linux folks that
gives open source projects a home, including web space, message boards, a bug
ticket system, CVS, etc, all for free.  (which is pretty damn cool...)

I've decided to move most of Snort's public operations (except for the web
site) there for the forseeable future.  It's a good neutral site, they seem to
maintain it well, and it lets me administer everything without having to
coordinate with half a dozen people.

If you've gotten this e-mail and unsubscribed from the old Snort mailing list
in the past month, I apologize.  The way I got this list of people together
was by manually cutting and pasting through my Snort mailbox on my FreeBSD
system from one Netscape window to another.  If you want to re-unsubscribe,
please follow the instructions in your "welcome" message.

Once the kyrnet box is back up, I intend to move the rest of the users over to
this system once and for all.  

For the record, we should all give Fyodor (CyberPsychotic) a hearty "well
done" for the service he rendered to us all by setting up and maintaining the
original Snort mailing list.  I for one greatly appreciate his efforts and his

Ok, more news to follow, stay tuned!


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