[Snort-users] Database Logging with redundency

Jed Pickel jed at ...153...
Tue Aug 29 15:35:52 EDT 2000

> On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 11:04:09AM -0500, Steve Halligan wrote:
> > Ok...here is the situation.  Multiple remote machines running snort all
> > logging to a central mysql database.  What if the central database
> > server goes down?  Is there any way to build some sort of redundency
> > into this system?  
> Likewise, another thing I've been thinking about is how do I upgrade my 
> database without having to touch a bunch of sensors?    

Hmm. I am not sure I understand this question. Do you mean upgrade
MySQL, the table structure, or the code in the sensor that actually
does the connection and logging to the database?

* Jed

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