[Snort-users] Database Logging with redundency

Steve Halligan agent33 at ...187...
Tue Aug 29 12:04:09 EDT 2000

Ok...here is the situation.  Multiple remote machines running snort all
logging to a central mysql database.  What if the central database server
goes down?  Is there any way to build some sort of redundency into this
system?  Back up text logging?  Backup Mysql on the remote machine?  I know
it would be better to have the remote machines log to a local mysql and then
have cron do a mysql dump and send the file over to the central database
server, but then I would not have real time access to the data at my central
mysql server.  What to do here?  Can I run snort twice with one logging to
local mysql and one to remote?  Will snort crash if it looses its connect to
the remote mysql database?  Ideas?
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