[Snort-users] ICMP_*_UNREACH packets dump.

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Mon Aug 28 23:20:36 EDT 2000

~ :> 
~ :> BTW, I heard some complains about tru64 box, (types problem) so apropriate
~ :> fixes aree in place too, would appreciate if you could check out whetgher
~ :> it compiles now.
~ :>
~ :
~ :I dunno... looking at the still not fixed yet defrag issues on solaris' wierd
~ :monster in_addr's... and having gone through some of the funkyer bits of

is it compile time or run-time problem? I tested compilation on solaris
7/gcc just before making a message to the list.

~ :address math and types being done here and there in various places I'm
~ :afraid of what uglyness lurks with both IP6 and Tru64 for snort.  Things that
~ :scare little programmers at night....

It's getting more ugly with more rare platform usually. :-)

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