[Snort-users] ICMP_*_UNREACH packets dump.

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Mon Aug 28 17:50:07 EDT 2000

Hello folks,
  Just committed ICMP_*_UNREACH packets original datagram dump code so any
comments are welcome (including comments on displaying original
datagram). As soon as we decide `that is fine', I will make apropriate
changes for 1.6.x version too (soon-to-be-1.6.4 ;-P).

BTW, I heard some complains about tru64 box, (types problem) so apropriate
fixes aree in place too, would appreciate if you could check out whetgher
it compiles now.

PS: sorry for being `away' for a week, I've been a bit busy. Still going
through unresponded mails and bug reports...

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