[Snort-users] Freebsd Problem

StrmShdw sectech at ...136...
Sat Aug 26 00:50:41 EDT 2000

having a configuration problem with the 3.4 Release of FreeBSD which is not
with snort but with the O/S, or so I think anyhow. I had syslod.conf logging
local6.info to both a local file and be forwarded to a remote server. Snort
was configured to log to local6 info. I could not get that to work, so I
switched it to log to local auth.notice. I`m trying to start this off simple
on this box because I can`t seem to get it to work at all.

auth.notice  /var/log/messages
output alert_syslog: LOG_AUTH LOG_NOTICE

./snort -c snort-lib (logs everything by source address into /var/log/snort)
./snort -c snort-lib -N (doesn`t log a thing)
./snort -c snort-lib -s (doesn`t log a thing)

Any input would be appreciated.


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