[Snort-devel] Re: [Snort-users] postgres database module oddities...

Mike Andersen mike at ...207...
Fri Aug 25 03:52:42 EDT 2000

[Jim Burnes]
| Can anyone comment on the relative benefits under snort of the
| benefits of mysql vs postgresql?

Speed vs functionality?  I'm not sure, but this is what my gut feeling
is telling me.

If I get time for it, I might run a small performance test between
MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and DBMaker.  It wont be a "scientific" one,
just enough to help us decide which database to go for.

Has anyone tested snort against other databases than MySQL and Postgres?
And how is the performance?

A LISP programmer knows the value of everything, but the cost of nothing.
                                                           -- Alan Perlis

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