[Snort-users] snortnet???

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Thu Aug 24 16:12:44 EDT 2000

~ :I downloaded the files from snort.org but am not sure how to apply the patch
~ :to the snort source.  Can you provide me with a quick-hit list of
~ :instructions to make this work?  Anything would be great.  Thanks.
~ :

Well, patching is trivial, you will need to add include file into
plugbase.h, SnortNetInit() into plugbase.c and spo_snortnet.o and
spo_snortnet.c  files to list of objects and sources in Makefile
respectively. Attached patch does that. SnortNet is not meant for
productional release yet as it is IMHO not yet stable enoygh and I am
going to rework parts of it still, however if you would be interested to
play with it, you are welcome of course, and I would appreciate any
feedback and wishlist(s) :)

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