[Snort-users] Snort vs. LIDS?

Geoff the UNIX guy galitz at ...247...
Mon Aug 21 16:13:46 EDT 2000

Perhaps the snort developers have more to say, but I took
a quick look at LIDS and it seems they address two entirely
different needs.

LIDS seems to be more of a host based intrusion dectection/
security sanitizer application where snort is a network based
system.  That is to say, LIDS is meant to secure and monitor
individal nodes where snort is meant to analyze network
traffic for signs of intrusion.  Two different functions.

And remember... there is no rule that says you can 
only use one security application.


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On Fri, 11 Aug 2000, Alderman, Sean wrote:

> I've been listening to the snort list for a few months now, and I have a
> discussion question.  I'm trying to decide what IDS package to use for
> Linux.  I've had several recommendations for both snort and LIDS, but I
> thought I'd see if anyone here might have any comments about using LIDS over
> snort or vice versa.
> Thanks.
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