[Snort-users] large numbers of ICMP messages and log analysis

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Mon Aug 21 08:17:27 EDT 2000

~ :
~ :Would it make sense for snort to adopt a syslog approach to log entries (and
~ :print messages such as previous packet repeated 10,000 times?) for instances
~ :such as this it could save quite a lot of hassle (and provided that the
~ :payloads where compared no data would be lost).  I haven't looked at the
~ :architecture yet but could this be done by a pre-processor (I suspect not as

No, it would rather be an output plugin, I guess.

void somealertfunc(Packet *p, char *msg, void *arg) {

	static alertcnt = 0;
	static char oldmsg[BUFSIZ + 1];
	static u_int32_t oldsrc, olddst;
	static u_int8_t oldproto;
	/* maybe you'd want to verify if portnumbers/icmp type
	   code would be the same as well

	if (!strcmp(oldmsg,msg) && p->iph->ip_src.s_addr == oldsrc &&
	p->iph->ip_dst.s_addr == olddst && p->iph->ip_proto == oldproto) 
	if (alertcnt != 0) {
		GenerateLogMessage("Previous message repeated %i
		times.\n", alertcnt);
		alertcnt = 0;
	oldsrc = p->iph->ip_src.s_addr;
	olddst = p->iph->ip_dst.s_addr;
	oldproto = p->iph->ip_proto;
	bcopy(msg, oldmsg, BUFSIZ);	

You probably need some flushing mechanism here too, if no messages showed
up within certain period of time, you generate `previous ..' message and
flush stuff. Probably need to hook SIGALRM signal and get the signal
handler to do that.

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