[Snort-users] sizing a snort ids system?

John Horn jhorn1 at ...302...
Thu Aug 10 16:47:24 EDT 2000

We operate Snort on our T3 (45Mb/s) with a dual processor 500Mhz
Compaq Proliant rack mount, 128MB RAM and an 18GB RAID 5 disk
subsystem. It has absolutely no difficulty in keeping up. I still
think I would prefer a moderately beefy Sun though. I would have had
to order the Sun though, the Compaq was already here in a box waiting
for someone to assign it a role in life...

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Ed Szynaka wrote:

> > A Sun Ultra 30 should be capable of doing that. 45 Mbit/s will eat up ~50% CPU
> > I think. Snort does not need very much memory, so the ususal 128 MB should be
> > enough.
> > 
> > Same with a 500-800 MHz x86, but I don't have experiences with that. From what
> > was said on the list, the most important thing is to use high quality network
> > cards.
> > 
> Which network cards would be considered "high quality" network cards?
> Ed
> szynaka at ...301...
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