[Snort-users] Can the Winpopup option be generalised?

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Thu Aug 10 11:24:15 EDT 2000

~ :
~ :I'm just wondering why there is specific support for sending WinPopup
~ :messages of alerts to Windows workstations, and no generalised support for
~ :(say) sending the alert to a separate process - which could be sendmail,
~ :xmessage, pager, whatever.
~ :

 Logwatch could do all the stuff. I believe we could throw away winpopup
support as well and just put directives how this could be build using
logwatch utility. I believe that Winpopup option is still in snort due to
historical reasons (it's been there since the first time I came across
snort source at least ;-))

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