[Snort-users] SNORT Mascot

Dragos Ruiu dr at ...50...
Wed Aug 9 16:59:47 EDT 2000

On Wed, 09 Aug 2000, Brian Dunphy wrote:
> Cute Logo.. but I think Network Security Wizards
> (http://www.securitywizards.com)  with their "dragon" IDS may mind the dragon
> logo...

And given the history of Dragon/Snort and Ron/Marty let's not stir anything up.

I know Marty's keeping his head low while busy with the Hive, and he loves
Snorty the pig, and I'll stick up for for the cute lil fellow.  He's  ridiculous
little pig but he's kinda cool. Now if anyone had some carricaturist friends
who could do up a clean little pig carricature....

I vote stay with the pig.... if it is a vote. :-)


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