[Snort-users] sessionwall / elron internet manager

Joseph Hager JosHag at ...37...
Wed Aug 9 09:10:32 EDT 2000

General logging tool question..  we are currently using tools like
sessionwall and elron internet manager to track
http/pop/ftp/telnet/napster/etc.. bandwidth, usage, site traffic, etc.. per
user (or ip).  All this information is dumped to files and through a huge
bloated process xfer'd to a SQL database.  There just has to be a better
way..  Is anyone here using a *nix tool to monitor Internet traffic for
certain protocols (basically any port we tell it to watch), and have it log
source/destination (not just a IP but the actual www.header.info
<http://www.header.info> ) bandwidth usage, content (in the case of

I'd love to find a *nix solution that works and works well for this task.
Someone on another list suggested a webtrends for *nix product.. anyone
using that?

I know this is off the 'snort' path some.. but hopefully not enough to
suffer many flames..

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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