[Snort-users] secure server push of snort rules

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Tue Aug 8 08:47:00 EDT 2000

~ :
~ :when talking about configuration file distribution for a platform monitoring
~ :tool (Spong) it was suggested that it NOT be incorporated within the
~ :application.

it won't be incorporated in the application (snort) itself, but would be
one of the functions of `snortdog`, snort watchdog daemon.

~ :
~ :Instead why not use  rsync (possibly over ssh) to keep files updated and
~ :then HUP snort if any changes are uploaded?  From what I understand clients
~ :could poll the main server every minute without any real impact on load or
~ :do you want real-time updates?
~ :

 Yes, on the similar to real secure console manner.

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