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Mon Aug 7 11:33:51 EDT 2000

Eric Hacker wrote:
> Bob,
> The various VPN technologies use different ports and protocols.
> IPSec uses Protocols 50 and 51 for ESP and AH. I might have even
> gotten them in the right order, but don't count on it. ;-)
> Snort currently does not examine or record these protocols. If you
> really need to capture all traffic, then TCPDump (.org) or
> Ethereal (.com, but free) would do the trick. Though, since the
> traffic is encrypted, one can't do payload analysis on it anyway.
> If you are worried about people trying to attack these boxes, then
> monitoring with your current filters and observing the application
> logs should be sufficient.

Hmmm. But it still might be worthwhile being to flag things like ISAKMP
with hosts that are not known VPN peers. I'm seeing a lot of stuff like
that lately and I'm not sure if it's hostile or not...
Also, given the recently publicized weaknesses in fw-1, it would be
interesting to alert on FWZ traffic on a network that isn't using FWZ



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