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The various VPN technologies use different ports and protocols.
IPSec uses Protocols 50 and 51 for ESP and AH. I might have even
gotten them in the right order, but don't count on it. ;-)

Snort currently does not examine or record these protocols. If you
really need to capture all traffic, then TCPDump (.org) or
Ethereal (.com, but free) would do the trick. Though, since the
traffic is encrypted, one can't do payload analysis on it anyway.

If you are worried about people trying to attack these boxes, then
monitoring with your current filters and observing the application
logs should be sufficient.

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I'm running a test of some VPN boxes from www.netscreen.com

I want to monitor all/any traffic going to/from these boxes,
so I added rules:

alert UDP any -> any any (msg: "NS10 Outbound
Traffic"; )
alert UDP any any -> any (msg: "NS10 Inbound
Traffic"; )

alert TCP any -> any any (msg: "NS10 Outbound
Traffic"; )
alert TCP any any -> any (msg: "NS10 Inbound
Traffic"; )

alert ICMP any -> any any (msg: "NS10 Outbound
Traffic"; )
alert ICMP any any -> any (msg: "NS10 Inbound
Traffic"; )

Two questions:

 - Is there a way to say "any" for the protocol?

 - The VPN traffic is not logged, what protocol does it use?

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