[Snort-users] Compiling latest cvs-version on Tru64 v4.0f (long)

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Fri Aug 4 03:48:24 EDT 2000

~ :I could be wrong, but this looks like the sort of errors you will see
~ :when you try to compile a version from CVS that has merge

Nope, in merge confilicts you usually get complains about `>>>' signs. I
would like to have a look tonight what could make gcc complain
though tonight. Something definetely doesn't look healthy. 

I think it might be something messy with headers, weird thing is that
unitX_t types do not seem to be defined here, it's either we are missing
some headers ,though the only header which has been added so far is
<sys/sockio.h> but it doesn't seem to be detected here:

~ :> checking for sys/sockio.h... no

or we have put some headers in wrong order somewhere? 

If everything fails we could define `broken_types=yes' for `Tru64v4.0f',
as a temproal fix,

if test "$broken_types" = "yes"; then
AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int8_t, unsigned char)
AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int16_t, unsigned short int)
AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int32_t, unsigned long int)
AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int8_t, uint8_t)
AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int16_t, uint16_t)
AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int32_t, uint32_t)

 but I would like to trace down this problem if possible.

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