The warning you have states file.cur is checked but not ever set. That indicates to me that your issue is with rules that have flowbits:isset and not rules that have flowbits:set. 

sid:23499 is the only rule in the Talos rule set that checks for that flowbit. it's in file-other.rules. The three setters for that are 23496 23497 and 23498 in file-fidentify.rules. All of those are old enough that they are in the subscriber rule set which is free to everyone.

Hope that helps.


On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 12:44 PM, Gerry Carpinetti via Snort-sigs <> wrote:
I did some reading on flowbit warnings and how to fix them but after the changes I still receive the warnings. I used Notepad++ to open a rules file, than used Search -> Find In Files "selected the C:\Snort\rules folder than entered "flowbits:set" into the Find What box, I replaced all flowbits:set to flowbits:isset..

No matter which .rules file I open and search for flowbits:set has been replaced with isset but yet I still get the WARNING: flowbits key 'file.cur' is checked but not ever set, as an example. Even if I do a direct search within the file-indentify.rules for flowbits:set none exist.

Does this warning have to do with the flowbits:isnotset??

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