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Ahmad Hassan ahmedgc0101 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 14:59:01 EST 2017

Hi ,

Hope you are doing well .

I have configured snort version on Ubuntu 16.0 on my VMware
workstation . I also installed barnyard2 and BASE . Everything is OK . But
I want to run Snort in IPS mode . I read many articles on internet and
finally i was able to download snort rules from snort official site.
Actually , Snort has only few Drop rules and other rules are in Alert mode
.If i change it in Drop mode, snort runs not.My questions are

How can I come to know snort rules from so and so site and place if i use
will work for me in snort inline mode . ?
Can i use snort as antivirus . ?
which are the snort configured rules in line mode (drop ) by snort
official  to download and from where ?

Thanks for your time and hope you will guide me .

Ahmad Hassan .
ahmedgc0101 at gmail.com
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