[Snort-sigs] New tools for testing Snort rules and crafting pcaps

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Wed Nov 22 09:21:05 EST 2017

Nice work David, thanks for sharing.  I really liked the use of api_keys as well.

On 11/21/17 21:42, David Wharton wrote:
> I know some of you may have already see this but for those who haven't -- last
> week Secureworks released two open-source tools for IDS rule testing and pcap
> creation: Dalton and Flowsynth.
> Dalton is a system that allows a user to quickly and easily run network packet
> captures against a Snort version of his choice using defined rulesets and/or
> custom (ad-hoc) rules.  Flowsynth is a tool for rapidly modeling network traffic
> and creating pcaps. More details in the repo READMEs.
> https://github.com/secureworks/dalton
> https://github.com/secureworks/flowsynth
> https://www.secureworks.com/blog/new-open-source-ids-tools
> I hope you find them useful; I know I sure do.
> -David Wharton
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