[Snort-sigs] Error with snort rule files

Joel Esler (jesler) jesler at cisco.com
Mon Nov 20 08:52:19 EST 2017

Typically, your -c will point to your snort.conf, and your snort.conf should be configured to point to your .rules file.

The error here shows that your .rules do not have EXTERNAL_NET defined.  Which is contained in the snort.conf file.

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On Nov 18, 2017, at 12:14 PM, Kmar via Snort-sigs <snort-sigs at lists.snort.org<mailto:snort-sigs at lists.snort.org>> wrote:

Hello, I have attempting to use various rule files such as bad-traffic.rules, dos.rules, etc, to analyze a pcap file for malicious traffic. Unfortunately,  Ir receive the same error for every rule file I attempt to use.  It works with the regular snort.conf file.

I use the following command:

Snort -r pcapfilename.pcap -c rulefilename.rules

I receive the following error:

Undefined variable in the string $EXTERNAL_NET

I have edited the rule files but nothing seems to work properly.

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