[Snort-sigs] getting db error while running barnyard.

shekhar $on! rajnish.soni89 at ...2420...
Wed Nov 16 05:31:02 EST 2016

Hi Team,

My barnyard2 test run get stuck here. any idea?

root at ...4195...:/etc/snort# Running in Continuous mode

        --== Initializing Barnyard2 ==--
Initializing Input Plugins!
Initializing Output Plugins!
Parsing config file "/etc/snort/barnyard2.conf"

+[ Signature Suppress list ]+
+[No entry in Signature Suppress List]+
+[ Signature Suppress list ]+

Barnyard2 spooler: Event cache size set to [4096]
Log directory = /var/log/barnyard2
INFO database: Defaulting Reconnect/Transaction Error limit to 10
INFO database: Defaulting Reconnect sleep time to 5 second
[ClassificationPullDataStore()]: No Classification found in database ...
[SignaturePullDataStore()]: No signature found in database ...
[SystemPullDataStore()]: No System found in database ...
[ReferencePullDataStore()]: No Reference found in database ...
[SignatureReferencePullDataStore()]: No Reference found in database ...

it is stuck at above for almost 2 hour.
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