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> Hi Rob,
> Where we set the cid and sid values. How will we get sid sensor id ??

Keep the traffic on the list please.

I'd suggest you learn a little MySQL and go poking at the tables ("show
tables") and their contents ("show columns from signature" etc). Here you
just need to add the "cid" field to your join that you're using "sid" on:

select signature.sig_id, inet_ntoa(ip_src) as ip_src, inet_ntoa(ip_dst) as
ip_dst, signature.sig_name, event.timestamp, sig_class.sig_class_name,
count(*) as number_of_occurence
from iphdr
join event on iphdr.sid = event.sid and iphdr.cid = event.cid
join signature on event.signature = signature.sig_id
join sig_class on signature.sig_class_id = sig_class.sig_class_id
group by sig_name;
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