[Snort-sigs] Rules question

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Sun Dec 4 18:47:19 EST 2016

is anyone figured out how to run win practice file on snort as I' m having difficulty with windows 10 and is looking for some guidance on this assignment.



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> On 12/01/16 19:43, neil ramsarran wrote:
>> I'm having the same problem , I cannot seem to get the assignment done with
>> running winpractice txt file on the snort. any help will be highly appreciated
> I'm dealing with this as well, if you look on page #203 there is a diagram that
> shows how to correctly implement it.  So in paragraph 3, sentence 5, on page
> #215 it demonstrates this a bit BUT I would assert the problem is running into
> RFC 1918.  If you look down, Diagram #6, they've scoped HOME_NET and
> EXTERNAL_NET on the same /16 and defined it as that.  *clears throat while
> drawing on the chalkboard* as we all know *puts monocle on* and
> sit on that same broadcast domain so it's probably not crossing a
> Layer 3 boundary and capturing on the local interface doesn't show IDS
> traversal.  This seems to be a book editing issue.

Sorry for the back to back post, if you guys want to meet up tomorrow around
09:00 I'll be in front of the library.  I'm the guy wearing a backpack with a

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