[Snort-sigs] snort snort don't recognize plugin sid set by me

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Comments below.

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Subject: [Snort-sigs] snort snort don't recognize plugin sid set by me

>I created a new rule for snort with the following sid:10001
It is recommended to use sids of value >= 1000000 as specified in the documentation: http://manual.snort.org/node31.html#SECTION00444000000000000000
>i recieve alerts trigered by this rule in OSSIM web interface but it appears as Generic event. When i open the event detail window i find the event type id is changed to 2000000000 and payload >contains [Unknown plugin sid: 10001].....
While I am not familiar with OSSIM, but in general when creating a new rules, its information - at minimum the sid and message - should be included in the sid-msg.map in order for it be recognized, i.e.: the message of the alert is displayed instead of some generic message, usually as "Snort Alert". The message "Generic Event" may be placed by OSSIM.

>Problem is that i can't differentiate between alerts triggered by rules created by me in a correlation directive.
>How can i set a proper name for the rule rather than Generic Event?
>How can i make the system to reconize event type set by me?

See my comments above.
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