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Snort covers many things and is a fantastic product at protecting networks, but no one product can defend against everything.   In addition to a network based IDS/IPS, we recommend host based antivirus. In fact we make and give one away for free at immunet.com<http://immunet.com>

We'll take a look at the site you mentioned and see what it contains.

Joel Esler
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Dear Mr. or Mrs.

I'm a user of Snort. i've been using your for a while and thought it was great. However, when I was downloading a software from a website, my computer got a virus.

The website was:

I don't know why your software didn't alert me immediately. I trusted your software so I thought the software that I downloaded was fine. Who knew the next day my online bank account was hacked. My Facebook and my Line(application) was hacked too and weird stuff had been put on my accounts. I didn't post anything at all but my friends kept being bothered by the stuff that came from my account. I figured something was wrong and used my friend's laptop to browse that website. She used kaspersky antivirus software and it immediately alerted me when I went on that website.

It seems like your software's update has been a little bit slow. I hope you can fix it as soon as possible so other people's computers won't be infected. I still like your product pretty much but I was a little disappointed by this incident.

Thank you for your time,
Liu Xuan Salute
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