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                Can you provide a sample of the rule/conf you are trying to use as well as a pcap of the offending traffic?

The section on uricontent is here: http://manual.snort.org/node32.html#SECTION004523000000000000000

Make sure you are not trying to match on content before its normalized as listed in the manual:

“The uricontent keyword in the Snort rule language searches the NORMALIZED request URI field. This is equivalent to using the http_uri modifier to a content keyword. As such if you are writing rules that include things that are normalized, such as %2f or directory traversals, these rules will not alert.”

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for reading this.
My site has been receiving attacks for a while now and I've been able to stop them using snort + pfsense. Most of them were stopped just by using uri-content in the rule.
Today I've been receiving Get attacks on the main page. It really seems too simple but any rule I have tried has not blocked any IP addresses.
Would someone please guide me to the right direction?

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