[Snort-sigs] snortsam agent doesn't block ip in external firewall

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Is there a specific reason why you are using Snortsam? Seems like it is giving you a bunch of problems for something that snort does pretty easily standalone. 

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port 18183 looks like a checkpoint (firewall-1 producer) port. I don’t know snortsam, but snortsam and checkpoint tells me something.

http://platforms.infostruction.com/common-checkpoint-firewall-ports/ tells:
18183 /tcp FW1_sam Check Point OPSEC Suspicious Activity Monitor API

snortsam.conf hints:
remove any opsec line
add a iptables line

have a look at

isn’t a snortsam agent needed on your firewall?
isn’t snortsam outdated??

Subject: [Snort-sigs] snortsam agent doesn't block ip in external firewall

[SAM] Could not connect to (PC3addr):18183! 

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