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vijay saravanan vjysaravan_88 at ...144...
Wed May 7 12:31:08 EDT 2014

Hi All,

I am new to snort, Here is the rule written to detect connection request to FTP server and response from the FTP server.

alert tcp any any <> 21 (msg: "FTP access";sid:10000002;rev:1;)

The snort alerts all the connection attempt from external hosts to FTP Server but it is not producing the alert for response sent by FTP server.

For example :-

I could see the packet captured from to for "USER root"

But the response by the FTP server to is not captured.

We changed the rule to :-

alert tcp 21 -> any any (msg: "FTP access";sid:10000002;rev:1;). But still it doesn't work.

Please assist.Let me know if you need additional information.

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