[Snort-sigs] Beginner Rule Problem

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Thu Oct 10 14:08:19 EDT 2013

I finally got my issue resolved with help over on the pfSense forums.  In case anyone else runs into a similar problem, I was missing a classification in my rule.  Once I added a 'classtype: inappropriate-content', the rule worked as expected.  Not sure if that is a general Snort requirement, or unique to the pfSense Snort install.  Thanks to those offering help.

On Oct 7, 2013, at 8:05 PM, Keith D. <keith2781 at ...144...> wrote:

> Looks like you are missing the closing " in your message.
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> On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 7:57 PM MDT Kodiak80 wrote:
>> I recently installed snort on my pfSense install to try and start learning a bit about it.  I followed the guide in this forum for basic initial setup and added the Snort VRT rules, using the 'connectivity' IPS policy.  However, I wanted to try my hand at writing my own custom rules to understand how snort works.  I added the below to the custom.rules in the pfSense GUI:
>> alert tcp any any -> 80 (msg: "Web Traffic mtbr.com"; sid: 10001;)
>> The WAN interface comes up no problem with this rule, but as soon as I try to exercise it by browsing to www.mtbr.com the interface quits (red x next to WAN interface in snort interface list).  I get the following in my system logs:
>> Oct 5 15:51:55	kernel: em0: promiscuous mode disabled
>> Oct 5 15:51:55	kernel: pid 75200 (snort), uid 0: exited on signal 11
>> Oct 5 15:51:37	kernel: em0: promiscuous mode enabled
>> Oct 5 15:51:36	php: /snort/snort_interfaces.php: [Snort] Snort START for WAN(em0)...
>> Oct 5 15:51:36	php: /snort/snort_interfaces.php: [Snort] Building new sig-msg.map file for WAN...
>> Oct 5 15:51:36	php: /snort/snort_interfaces.php: [Snort] Enabling any flowbit-required rules for: WAN...
>> Oct 5 15:51:32	php: /snort/snort_interfaces.php: [Snort] Updating rules configuration for: WAN ...
>> Oct 5 15:51:32	php: /snort/snort_interfaces.php: Toggle (snort starting) for WAN(WAN)...
>> I've tried a couple different rules with traffic I can easily generate to test, but this is the same result each time.  I assume this must be a formatting issue with my rule or the use of custom rules all together.  Any help would be appreciated.  I haven't received anything back from the pfSense forum as of yet, so I'm hoping someone here can lend a hand.
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