[Snort-sigs] Request assistance regarding VRT sig 1:27962 (MALWARE-CNC Win.Trojan.Storm botnet connection reset)

Mathewson, Nathan Mathewson at ...3842...
Fri Oct 4 20:21:52 EDT 2013

We have most of the Malware-CNC rules enabled and we installed the VRT rule update from 9-24-2013.  We are now seeing alerts form this sig 1:27962.  We see user machines sending from one to three TCP SYN packets out and receiving back RST/ACK packets with a reset cause 'Go away, we're not home', exactly as the rule requires.

This appears to be a "new" snort vrt rule in this rule set yet it only references sources from 2008.

We have not been able to find explanations for why one receives these unique RST/ACK packets.

Can anyone assist us with information regarding this sig, why this rule was seemingly just added, it's current status, and what might be the cause[s] for these resets with this unique "reset cause".

Attached file is a sample SYN - RST/ACK, in pcap format.

Appreciate your assistance.


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