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Thu May 30 17:24:32 EDT 2013

On 5/30/2013 16:28, Joel Esler wrote:
> On May 30, 2013, at 4:05 PM, waldo kitty <wkitty42 at ...3507...
> <mailto:wkitty42 at ...3507...>> wrote:
>> what i ran into and the reason for my original posts, was that the bits were set
>> but there was nothing to check them... no indication of a SO only rule or just a
>> forgotten or commented out standard alert rule... that's why i ran my grep to
>> find out if there was a rule disabled by default for those flowbits setters...
>> if there was and it was disabled by default, then it might either need to be
>> enabled by default or the flowbits setter rule should also be disabled by default…
> And it is much appreciated it. I love the feedback, I'm trying to make the "out
> of the box" policy as good as I can get it, if you adjust from there, that's on you.

agreed! glad you appreciate the feedback... it helps to keep "us" from drinking 
too much during "game time" ;) ;) O:)

>> as far as SO rules go, i don't know about other environments but ours does not
>> use them by default... it requires specific and manual intervention to enable
>> them as well as making them work (generating the stubs in the proper place and
>> updating them when they change)... the fact that our environment it its own
>> distribution and not one of the big name brand one adds complication to the
>> process since they are distributed only in compiled form…
> Well, from our perspective, we ship them in a "default" state. If people choose
> not to use the SOs, or can't, then that's a use case we can't work around.

the main problem, as noted above, is that it is not easy to tell which OS 
version compilation will work in our environment... at one time we were able to 
use Centos-4.6 but that changed in later releases... then the Centos stuff 
didn't work at all for a bit and folks were forced to disable the SO rules 
because of snort crashing... i'm not sure which compilation might work these 
days so it is not something supported out of our box... that's why i stated 
"specific and manual intervention" ;)

when the drummer's drumbeat keeps changing beat count randomly and at random 
points in time, it is best to find a sane and consistent drummer to march to 
instead of keeping on stumbling and fumbling around... we've done that by 
avoiding the SO rules in our official packages and support O:)

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