[Snort-sigs] How to extract part of “content” and print in “msg” of a Snort Alert

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Does that mean in the future Snort would have the ability to include packet data in the alert? That would be a really nice feature for Snort/Sourcefire, and about the only advantage that Enterasys Dragon has over Sourcefire (I ran Dragon for over 10 years at a previous job). Including the packet data mean an intrusion analyst can make a rudimentary analysis of the alert right from his phone or pager. That’s the one feature from Dragon I really miss.

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I am trying to write a Snort rule that will allow me to print the name of a file being downloaded via FTP.

The following is the rule I have so far...

alert tcp any any <> any any (content:"RETR:";msg:"A file is being downloaded.";sid:1000004;)

While this rule works, I can't figure out how to print the name of the file in the "msg" component of the alert. For example I would want the output of the alert to be something like...

"A file is being downloaded. The file name is foo.txt".

The file name is available in the content of the FTP traffic (RETR: /foo.txt)

I just cannot figure out how to extract that content and print it as a part of the message.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated.
This is not a feature that Snort currently supports in any version.

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