[Snort-sigs] How to extract part of “content” and print in “msg” of a Snort Alert

Jason Haar Jason_Haar at ...3686...
Thu Apr 18 00:21:38 EDT 2013

On 16/04/13 02:59, Joel Esler wrote:
> This is not a feature that Snort /currently/ supports in any version.

I'm glad to see the emphasis there Joel ;-)

FYI I implemented it here by getting our alerting script to call the
BASE interface (damned if I was going to figure out the SQL-foo to do
this!) to get the TEXT output from the pcap - and then fiddle that new
data into the alert

You don't need to tell me how horrendous that is - but it works ;-)

Please feel free to save me from going to coders-hell by doing it
natively ;-)


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