[Snort-sigs] BAD-TRAFFIC dns cache poisoning attempt sid:13667

yew chuan Ong yewchuan_23 at ...144...
Thu Nov 8 23:31:59 EST 2012

Hi All,

I found this rule under so_rules.

I also found a thread discussing GID:3... http://seclists.org/snort/2010/q1/190
Since we have no idea how the sig works (in term of detection method), how can we analyze it?

Appreciate if anyone can response. Thanks!

Yew Chuan

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Subject: [Snort-sigs] BAD-TRAFFIC dns cache poisoning attempt sid:13667


I found the description of this sig here - http://cs.uccs.edu/~cs591/ids/snort/snort2_9_0/so_rules/bad-traffic.rules.

But, when I downloaded the rules from Snort, I found nothing related inside bad-traffic.rules. Any ideas? 

This sig is still enabled by default right?


Yew Chuan
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