[Snort-sigs] filter http traffic

Sdflkaj Jksdfj kenterer1 at ...3680...
Sat May 19 09:26:53 EDT 2012

Hey there,

i want to filter search requests to e.g. google which have certain keywords.

my suggestion is the following:

 alert tcp any any -> any any (pcre: "/(keyword1|keyword2)*/"; msg: "someone searches for rootkit or malware in google bing or yahooo"; sid: 1000004;rev:1;) 

 Since i want to be able to use regular expressions i use PCRE. However this line only gives alarm if i use the "url bar" of the browser to search for   keywords. if i visit google.com and type the keywords in the input box, there is no alarm  going of . : / 

i would appreciate any inspiration.

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