[Snort-sigs] Querstion about Chinese IP addresses

Miso Patel miso.patel at ...2420...
Mon Mar 12 10:17:50 EDT 2012

Does anyone have a good list of IP addresses allocated to China?  I don't
do any business there and I get so much Unsolicited/Malicious traffic from
them that I am tired of it and want to block the whole country.  Recently
the sweet-and-sour SYN has gotten more sour....  I suppose I could block
APNIC but I would like to leave India open.

Sorry to spam the snort-sigs list, I just thought someone here may know.
AFIK, Snorts/VRT doesn't maintain IP block rules like Emerging Threats (and
I suppose if VRT did it would be 30 days delayed unless you paid so that
isn't very useful for the community but some of the timely stuff on the
Emerging Thetan list has come in handy but I digress....)

To summ up, I am tired of China making passes at my systems, touching them
inappropriately, and would like to implement a reverse Great Firewall of
China.  Please let me know off-list if you have a good set of known bad
Chinese IPs.


-Miso, CISO
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