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VRT has a few that match, also ET rule 2000418 looks like it would work,
although it's commented out in my setup.  Hope that helps.




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Recently we released a corporate Linux desktop image for our developers
and since then I have (obviously) seen a lot of ELF packages come down
with people doing updates/installs etc. I also see some ELF binaries on
one of our mail servers (mail12.internal -- we assign mail servers based
on employee birth month for load balancing).

Are there some known good sigs for detecting ELF packages being received
or anything similar coming down the stack?

I understand the ELF activity due to updates and things but it seemed
weird to see it on mail12:25.  The other weird thing is I also see TCP
packets with the FIN, Push, and Urgent flags set that are going to/from
the Linux boxes.  This probably isn't related so I mention it here
mostly for my personal reference.

I'm new to inspecting an environment where Linux is allowed on the
corporate network so I appreciate any help.  The ELF packages were
suspicious but I suspect that most are nice and not bad.  However, on
mail12:25, when I see the ELF packages and related activity, afterwards
there are a lot of sockets hung and I have to carefully restart the


-L0rd C.

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