[Snort-sigs] Disabled rule still alerting - UPDATE - FIXED !

Tony Reusser treusser at ...3727...
Wed Aug 29 15:32:11 EDT 2012



I think I fixed it.


I created a symbolic link to my OLD so_rules directory before I installed
pulledpork.  I deleted the link and created a new one to the
pulledpork-created stub file directory, but I used the same name for the
link.  Apparently some weird stuff can happen when you start messing around
with file links.  I re-created the link using a different name and that
seems to have fixed the problem.  It seems I did indeed have a duplicate set
of rules that wasn't intended.


Thanks for the input.  It helped me look in the right direction.


*still a linux n00b*


From: Tony Reusser [mailto:treusser at ...3727...] 
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Snort and barnyard2 restarted (NOT SIGHUP'd)

I even rebooted the box just to make sure.


Pulledpork used to create my two "uber-rules" files:





Snort.conf modified to include these ONLY.


No duplicate rules.  I double and triple checked!


It looks like the alert is triggering on ALL of my legitimate DNS traffic.
This is getting very annoying!  Thinking about going back to basic
configuration (VRT rules only) until a new ruleset is available.  I'm only a
'registered' user, so I'm running on 30-day-old rules anyway.


From: Vladimir Gajić [mailto:vladogajic at ...2420...] 
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To: Tony Reusser
Subject: Re: [Snort-sigs] Disabled rule still alerting


I don't know how experienced you are, so I'll give it a try with this silly

Did you restart snort, to force it to reload signatures?
Or, if you played with that rule earlier, is it possible that you copied it
to another file, so you have it doubled?


2012/8/29 Tony Reusser <treusser at ...3727...>

I've recently installed the latest VRT ruleset along with the latest
ET rules (as of 8/27)


I'm getting TONS of hits for the following:


3:21355 (BAD-TRAFFIC potential dns cache poisoning attempt - mismatched


Here is my disablesid.conf:














Here is an excerpt from my 'snort.rules' showing it is indeed commented-out:


# alert udp $EXTERNAL_NET 53 -> $HOME_NET any (msg:"BAD-TRAFFIC potential
dns cache poisoning attempt - mismatched txid"; sid:21355; gid:3; rev:2;
classtype:attempted-recon; reference:cve,2010-1690;
metadata: engine shared, soid 3|21355;)


Yet, I continue to get thousands of alerts.  Can anybody help me figure out
how to turn these off?






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