[Snort-sigs] Downloading older versions of snort

Mike Cox mike.cox52 at ...2420...
Thu Aug 9 12:11:23 EDT 2012

I have let this question sit out there for over two (2) years now:


Still, I see no clear way to get/download specific "older" versions of
Snort.  I know this would be very useful to many people and I can't
understand why Snort, an allegedly "Open Source" product, would do
this.  Sure, I understand that there are major flaws in the current
and latest releases of Snort but many manufactures (like my router/DPI
solution) have frozen certain version and I would like to test against
Snort (to see why performance/detection is so bad but this
conversation is anecdotal).

Other open source products such as Ubuntu --
http://releases.ubuntu.com/, Suricata --
(which is actually becoming a *very* attractive IDS/IPS alternative
although my router has Snort so it isn't an option at this point but
this is neither here nor there), etc. have older versions of their
code out there for people to see/use.  Is Snort/SourceFire afraid of
their past "sins"? I understand that a lot of Snort code has serious
security vulnerabilities and you don't want to perpetrate that but I
believe that on an "older download" page you can express that and
still allow for the download of applicable previous releases to
competent persons who know what they are doing and what to "know" (and
help, and improve and modify to be better).  "Open" is always better
(as in "Open Source).  Serious past flaws in Snort can be learned from
and the evolution of such a prolific IDS can also be fodder for
understanding, innovation, and improvement.

Sorry for the long winded response.  All I want is to be able to
download older versions of Snort.  Please help me out (anyone), I have
waited many years (literally).


-Mike Cox

P.S. I am also copying the "Emerging Threats" list on this in case
they can be of any help since 2+ years on the Snort list has not given
me a satisfactory answer.

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