[Snort-sigs] Voip attack

PAURON, GUILLAUME (GUILLAUME) guillaume.pauron at ...3570...
Tue Mar 8 18:13:30 EST 2011

Hello All,

I'm pretty new with snort and I'm installing a snort device in Voip environment.

I downloaded VRT rules but most of the voip rules are disabled by default. Is it deprecated rules?

I also see that most of my traffic is UDP data on high ports; did someone ever implement attack detection on such traffic? I saw some things on articles like http://www.slideshare.net/Catharine24/intrusion-detection-in-voiceoverip-environments but I'm afraid it will be too complex for my snort (I'm already dropping a lot of traffic currently).

I'm also aware of all return of experience or whatever with snort and voip :)

Pauron Guillaume

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