[Snort-sigs] Snort.org Blog: Google Groups are alive!

waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...3507...
Wed Feb 9 22:27:03 EST 2011

On 2/9/2011 15:21, Joel Esler wrote:
> On Feb 9, 2011, at 3:14 PM, evilghost at ...3397... wrote:
>> On 02/09/11 13:58, Joel Esler wrote:
>>> I'd like to hear feedback on the groups.
>> More fragmentation for sources of information.  We have blogs, Google groups,
>> mailing lists, stagnated forums, stand-alone personal websites, handler
>> comments on ISC, outdated Sourceforge project pages, and more.
>> Fragmentation is bad and IMHO this just promotes it.  I think this is a step in
>> the wrong direction unless you're going to cull all these fragmented sources
>> into some type of cohesive portal.
> That's the goal, to stop the fragmentation.  I HATE fragmentation, and there is even more fragmentation in the community than what you mention above, and I am trying to stop that too.

any movement to lessen fragmentation is highly welcome... with some utohs...

> At some point in 2011, if we merge the mailing lists and the forums, you'll have:
> Google Groups,
> The documentation,
> and the official blog.


> I can't handle what other people do (personal websites, ISC, etc), but as far as the information coming out of Sourcefire, there will be pretty much two methods of getting it.  The Blog, or the "group".

blog? is that like a wiki but "one-sided"?? ;)

> If there are updates to the Snort site, (new docs, etc) I'll post about it on the blog.
> Discussions are left to the "groups".
> There is one other point of discussion that I haven't brought up, but have heard a lot of interest from the community, is to get rid of our "FAQ" that we maintain, and replace it with a Wiki.  But I haven't started planning that yet.

wikis suck for information gathering and hunting... even though i'm an editor on 
wikipedia, i still can't find what i'm hunting for 90+% of the time... i'm also 
an editor on several other wikis and can never find anything on them unless it 
is something that i've specifically set to be watched... wikis are, IMHO, 
basically like a stack of postit notes that are maintained by many and which 
are, basically a stack of "notes" and "documents"... the biggest problem is 
getting them all to "line up" in a cohesive manner... sure, postits can be 
alphabetized but is that any better for searching and finding that one specific 
informative postit in the stack of several thousand???

FWIW anyway... but i'm just one teensy cog in the whole machine...

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