[Snort-sigs] oinkmaster and so rules.. FAQ broken?

Edward Fjellskål edwardfjellskaal at ...2420...
Wed Feb 9 03:23:13 EST 2011

> one such reason that i'm aware, and i think i have talked with the pulledpork
> maintainer about it, is the merging of all rules files into one rules file...
> that is just not an option in our environment... management of individual rules
> sets via the snort.conf is much easier handled with the distributed multiple
> rules files... but this is quite possibly also a limitation of certain tools
> used to manage the rules sets... i've not dug deeper into it because of the
> corporate and local limits in place...

Thats just one of the reasons I would not use pulledpork...

One can solve this like I did:
Check out the code between line 549 and 596.
You need to preserve the "filename" (category) from where the rule was
picked up when parsing the rulefiles.
Then you can write them out to the original named rulefile again.

JJ Cummings ---^


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