[Snort-sigs] FP on 3:15450:5 - BAD-TRAFFIC Conficker C/D DNS traffic detected

Patrick Mullen pmullen at ...435...
Thu Apr 28 11:50:36 EDT 2011


Sorry for the long delay in response.  On the plus side, I'd be
willing to bet this problem "solved itself."

Every day, the conficker detection code generates the day's list of
host names based upon the code used by the conficker worm and uses
that list for detection.  Sometimes, an entry that is generated for
that list ends up being something that could be seen in legitimate
traffic.  It just so happens that on that day "oscp" was a possible
name used by conficker.

Hope this helps,


On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 4:08 AM, Jason Haar <Jason.Haar at ...651...> wrote:
> We just had this trigger a couple of times when users did DNS lookups
> against "oscp.web.aol.com". DNS request looks totally legit  - smells
> like an app trying to download a CRL caused this DNS query?
> As this is a "so rule", I can't see why it fired.
> Attached is the PCAP
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