[Snort-sigs] Off-topic - VRT Blog, "Rise of citizen cyberwarrior", criticism of the security efforts by the government.

Randal T. Rioux randy at ...3530...
Mon Nov 29 23:33:20 EST 2010

On 11/29/2010 4:58 PM, Guise McAllaster wrote:
> Hi Sourcefire, why did you pull the political rant on the VRT blog on
> Nov 23 ranting about Howard Schmidt, the government, and other gems
> titled "Rise of citizen cyberwarrior"?
> Used to be here,
> http://vrt-sourcefire.blogspot.com/2010/11/rise-of-citizen-cyberwarrior.html
> with a cached version at http://www.security.nl/files/cache.aspx.htm
> You anger one of your customers again and have to pull it?  I'd like to
> think it could have been the inflammatory statements regarding the US
> Government and the self-masturbatory statements about "cyberwarriors"
> didn't bode too well coming from a "VRT blog" officially supported by
> Sourcefire.

Can one masturbate anyone other than themselves?

*Web search*

Well shit. You learn something new everyday.

> I do like this gem, 'The boots on the ground in this fight aren't combat
> boots. They are Birkenstocks and Chucks.'

Birkenstocks? Chucks? I just fell into a time machine set for 1993.

> I also enjoyed 'Besides, it is fun to watch them work on "Cyber Security
> Awareness Month", which is about as effective as warning labels on
> cigarettes.'

Agencies need to do something with that poster printing budget.

> I'm curious, is the opinion stated in this VRT article, posted on the
> VRT blog, the official opinion that Sourcefire has regarding the
> involvement of government and other organized entities in the security
> field?  I sure hope some of your customers didn't see that.
> Hell, could have just been an accident and Olney confused the VRT blog
> with Facebook, MySpace, or other Internet-exhibitionism sources of
> self-pleasure (again).

As someone with a similar lack of buffer, and far less tact, I can
understand this action from both sides.

Yes, he's spot on with all observations. However, any text associated
with the "company" really does have to be worded carefully. Like when
Sun had (and sorta still has) blog space for any employee. It wasn't a
ticket allowing folks to run through the China store kicking over dishware.

This is why no agency or company I've ever worked for would dare give me
such a platform. Imagine the overtime generated for the lawyers, sales
team and marketing departments on damage control alone!

BTW Matt, nice name-drop for Adair :-)


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